Nuestro modelo de grupo

Our group model

There are several different commercial models in the optical market. Chains, franchises, buying groups, cooperatives, independent optical stores and image groups all coexist together, creating a competitive sales climate in the sector.

Opticalia was founded as a large image group 10 years ago in Spain. Our objective is to bring together independent optical stores that—keeping their own personalities—benefit from the advantages inherent in belonging to a recognized brand.

To this end, we have created powerful advertising and marketing machinery that reaches and communicates with end consumers, whose purpose is to create a large international brand that unites values and produces a hunger for buying.

We have also added a large number of services to this, such as exclusive product brands, professional training, negotiation with suppliers, digitalization, purchase improvements, financing, technology, business tools, and much more.

Services designed so that all of Opticalia’s member optical stores have great competitive advantages to help them run their businesses and to be competitive against chains and future operators in the sector.

Our group helps opticians to be able to keep practicing their profession with individuality and business independence, but with all the multiple advantages of a brand.

We are not a franchise and we do not have our own stores. And we are not a cooperative or a buying group. We are a group of independent opticians.

Our differences are clear

Over 1000 member optical stores in five countries that trust in Opticalia have made us big enough to obtain negotiating advantages. An annual investment of millions of euros in advertising gives us the power to communicate with consumers and produce a brand that can compete equally with chains and multinationals.

Hacer crecer tu negocio

We make your business grow

Our market expertise, international experience and renowned and valued image all ensure the success of your points of sale.

Renovar tu punto de venta

We help you improve your point of sale

Image at the point of sale is the experiential part of the optical business.

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