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Leaders in advertising and communications

National and international advertising in mass media

Our international marketing team is a complete and experienced in-house communication agency that operates in more than six countries and has conceptualized over 300 campaigns in national and international mass media. An advertising style that constantly innovates and reinvents to adapt to the new social reality at all times both offline and online.

National and international recognition

Proof of this is the recognition of our work from the marketing sector, such as the 2017 National Marketing Award in the category “LATAM Brand Internationalization”, honoring our marketing teamwork in building the brand internationally. Today, Opticalia is a brand leader in the countries in which it operates and a renowned brand in the optical world in any country.

Local advertising

Local advertising is another extremely important feature of our communication strategy. All opticians who are members of Opticalia have a free creative, advisory and development service for advertising to create personalized campaign in the local area. Planning and optimizing costs in localized own campaigns is one of our targets.

Our professionals help marketing be employed each and every day to generate the maximum flow of consumers towards members’ points of sale, both in general and at a local level. In communications, we bear in mind our members’ individuality.

Point of sale campaigns and added value campaigns

We develop special campaigns for each point of sale, with the aim of revitalizing it and creating contents and offers that attract consumers. Display windows, point of sale materials and activating actions that seek the optimization of the optical store to adapt it to modern-day consumption.

Another of our objectives is added value campaigns, 100% designed to help the optician to understand and transfer their sales pitches to specialized high-end products. Our goal is to help increase the average ticket of operations to focus the business on sales margins.

Promotions and customer loyalty

We have an in-house operating unit for promotions that creates and develops concepts dedicated to incentive and loyalty campaigns. We help with corporate tools for sales and marketing to groups and for customer loyalty.

Digital communications and e-commerce

The online world and social media are another of our notable strengths. From the very beginning, we have been committed to online positioning and, today, we are leaders on the social media most aligned with our target (Facebook). On this social media platform, we have over 250,000 active followers and our growth on other social media, such as Instagram, is continuous and solid.

We feed our social media with viral and attractive contents for consumers, with clear trendy positioning, and our vision is to work with the main influencers as a national and international communication tool.

At present, we are maximizing the training of our members in the digital world, and we are going to strengthen our services with local geolocated advertising online. Regarding e-commerce, we have developed a powerful platform for the marketing and sale of sunglasses and prescription glasses via the online world, which is already operative,

E-commerce sales are always allocated to our members, with the Opticalia headquarters acting as a mere facilitator of a new sales channel, which is essential in today’s world.


Gafas Mango por 79 Euros – Con Cristales Incluidos (Ene.2019)
684.327 visualizaciones

OPTICALIA: ESTRENA GAFAS POR 9,95 €/mes (Sept2020)
639.750 visualizaciones

OPTICALIA – 2 Gafas de Marca por 99 Euros – Con Cristales Incluidos (Sept2018)
519.192 visualizaciones

474.007 visualizaciones


OPTICALIA – Gafas #CustoBarcelona con lentes incluidos $319.000
438.075 visualizaciones

OPTICALIA – Gafas Antonio Banderas con Lentes Incluidos $189.000 (Jul2016)
1.505.708 visualizaciones

OPTICALIA: 2 gafas de marca por $299.000, con lentes incluidos (THE LOOK y Amichi)
611.421 visualizaciones

451.913 visualizaciones

OPTICALIA: Gafas Antonio Banderas desde $199.000 con lentes incluidos
299.677 visualizaciones

OPTICALIA: Gafas Custo Barcelona desde $249.000 con lentes incluidos
284.887 visualizaciones

236.525 visualizaciones


Spot Alejandro Sanz Opticalia México
3.496.062 visualizaciones

2×1 en Armazón de marca con graduacion inlcuida
2.966.914 visualizaciones

Opticalia 2020
762.732 visualizaciones

Spot Together Mango para Opticalia
728.296 visualizaciones


46.666 visualizaciones

OPTICALIA: 2×1 em óculos progressivos de marca
39.724 visualizaciones

19.453 visualizaciones

38.677 visualizaciones

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