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“I feel more supported with Opticalia in a sector that has changed”


What motivated you to become part of Opticalia?

We were seeking an image group and we randomly ended up at the Opticalia stand at the 2008 expo. We liked the idea and we saw a future project that, today, you only need to see what it’s been able to achieve in record time.

How has your business changed since becoming part of Opticalia?

My business was relatively young when we started at Opticalia, as we had only been open for 3 years, and since then we have grown hand in hand with Opticalia. Opticalia has given us an image that is essential in the modern world, an exclusive product that sets our business apart from others, and a human team behind us that helps us as members in many different areas. In short, being part of Opticalia makes me feel supported by optical professionals, as well as by the different teams we can turn to for help, such as the marketing department, human resources, the product department… With Opticalia, I feel more supported in a sector that has undergone a complete turnaround in recent years and in which you need to be part of a group in order to survive.

Have you noticed an uptake in business since you’ve been part of Opticalia?

Yes, I believe that if we had not gotten on the train, we wouldn’t be talking about the growth of our business in the present climate. Independent optical stores, as we have always known them, are condemned to disappear. The optical market has headed in different directions than 20 years ago, and you have to adapt to the times.

What would you tell an optician who is thinking about becoming a member of Opticalia?

I have been with Opticalia for 11 years and I think it was the right professional decision, so I would encourage opticians who are unsure to join me in this project. I have seen my business grow in parallel with the group’s growth. The human team at Opticalia is what makes it great, along with the small optical businesses that we have added. Both of these factors has created a large and renowned group, which didn’t even exist 12 years ago, because they are clearly doing things well and that encourages members to remain.

What advantages does Opticalia offer you compared to other optical groups? What would you highlight?

Firstly, I think the human team behind Opticalia makes members’ work much easier. Any question or doubt, you can call any department and they’ll help you out in a second if it’s their field.

I believe that they have marketing, product, training, etcetera departments that other groups do not have. The product, all exclusive brands, also facilitates sales at the point of sale.

What do customers at your optical store highlight since you have been an Opticalia member?

A large variety of models. And also the current image of the stores, because they really catch the eye.

What are the new customers like that come into your optical store?

People looking for fashion above all. The concept of eyeglasses is totally different than 20 years ago. People today change their glasses more frequently and are looking for variety, the latest trends…

If you had to define Opticalia in three words, what would they be?


Hacer crecer tu negocio

We make your business grow

Our market expertise, international experience and renowned and valued image all ensure the success of your points of sale.

Renovar tu punto de venta

We help you improve your point of sale

Image at the point of sale is the experiential part of the optical business.