Paula Cardoso & Antonio Almeida

“Our motto has always been that together we will be stronger and that is how it works”


Why did you decide to join the Opticalia Group?

Our decision to become members of the Opticalia Group was very thought out, even though we were reluctant at first.

As independent opticians integrated into areas close to large urban centers, we were aware that it was time to drive the business forward, to offer what customers were used to only finding outside of where they lived. The Opticalia Group is governed by a behavior with which we identify: reliability, professionalism, quality, friendship and a stylish product offering that made it possible for us to win over a market share that was deficient at specific points of sale.

What big changes did joining Opticalia entail for you?

The main change was based on obtaining more diversified customers. The group takes care of its members, is attentive to their needs and, through its campaigns and dissemination, we can reach targets that would be much more difficult to achieve if we weren’t working together. Our motto has always been “Together we will be stronger” and that is exactly how it has worked.

What would you tell an optician who is considering joining the group?

We have been members of the group for approximately four years and the experience has proven that it is very much worth it. Growth has been significant, both regarding turnover and personal training.

What advantages would you highlight about Opticalia compared to other optical groups?

The main advantage that I most value is that we operate as a family (united in the good times and also in not so good times).

Has your business grown since you joined Opticalia?

Yes, of course it has. As independent opticians, we never could have obtained the visibility we currently have. We are a team that has always prioritized professionalism, friendly service and, after becoming a member of the group, we have been able to intensify the training process even more. The market is progressively more demanding, which makes it essential to work in teams that are increasingly better trained and experts about current needs. When you work with great products and good professionals, the results are visible.

If you had to define Opticalia in three words, what would they be?

Fashion, family and leadership.

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