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“With Opticalia, my business has radically changed for the better”


What motivated you to become part of Opticalia?

Among other things, I was motivated by Miguel Bosé’s ad, the first commercial with Opticalia that was shown on television. I remember it conveyed everything that Opticalia was: fashion, design, elegance, trust, strength and security.

How has your business changed since becoming part of Opticalia?

My business has changed radically for the better, thanks to the professionalism showcased by the Opticalia brand and the exclusivity of brands, such as Pepe Jeans, Mango and Pedro del Hierro. And due to not having to worry about doing campaigns, and the security of belonging to something large and strong.

Have you noticed an uptake in business since you’ve been part of Opticalia?

Yes, totally! I bet it’s hard to believe, but the truth is that it has been extraordinarily noticeable.

What would you tell an optician who is thinking about becoming a member of Opticalia?

Just do it! Being a member of Opticalia means having a strong brand presence on television and, of course, having a large team behind you that helps you so much in your daily work.

What advantages does Opticalia offer you compared to other optical groups?

Clearly the exclusive brands, their profitability and unique advertising on TV, always focused on emotion to sway and convince consumers.

What are the new customers like that come into your optical store?

They are practically all ages.  And our long-standing customers are delighted and pleased with the exclusive brands.

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