Entrevista a Liliana Botero

“I feel more supported with Opticalia in a sector that has changed”


How has your business changed since becoming part of Opticalia?

In many ways. I have had a total turnaround because I had my doctor’s office at several private clinics in the city of Cali and it worked by having the optical store at the consultancy, something that—although it represented extra income—was not that profitable compared to what it is today.

When I became a member of Opticalia, I took on endless challenges and the change was extremely significant, because I decided to have my store in the best shopping center in Cali, the Centro Comercial Chipichape. This has made my earnings grow and opened my mindset of running a clinic to being a business owner with all the challenges this represents but, in parallel, it has been replete with great results and great satisfaction.

What have the competitive advantages been of becoming a member of the OPTICALIA optical store network?

The competitive advantages have been recognition from my patients and customers at the shopping center and in the city in general, as we are in one of the most well-known optical chains in the country and one of the Spanish and European franchises with the greatest renown in the optical sector. Advantages of stability, positioning and growth in my city.

What is OPTICALIA’s strategic tool and how has it driven your practice?

Opticalia’s strategic tool is national television commercials on local channels and cable TV channels. And also advertising on all social media. Something very important that sets Opticalia apart from other chains is that we as optometrists are the owners of the stores, which ensures that we have better quality and better service, an important differentiation because we are professionals and businesspeople, which complements the industry.

Do you think that members can be more competitive than other optical store owners? And why?

Totally, because we are first and foremost optometrists, as I mentioned above, and this sets us apart from owners of the other optical stores with no academic training in optometry. This also ensures that the optometrists receive training in business, in management, in sales and in marketing. Opticalia also has a tool called Opticalia College, so that we grow in training in different factors related to the business, the industry, clinics and internal growth, to become better people and better professionals.

What have you liked most about joining OPTICALIA?

What I’ve most liked about becoming a member of Opticalia is feeling like I am part of a group that respects and values our profession. I feel aligned with the group, the brand, the managers and my colleagues in Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Portugal.

Why would you recommend becoming a member of OPTICALIA?

I would recommend joining Opticalia because of all the reasons I gave above. I feel like I belong to a group that thinks about us, listens to us, and guides us to have business success.

What do your customers highlight since you have been part of Opticalia?

They point out that the brand is recognized, which makes them trust us, that our products are original and brand name and that its support of the members that are professional optometrists means there is greater support for service, quality and opportunities.

If you had to define Opticalia in three words, what would they be? GREAT, HUMAN AND PROFESSIONAL GROUP.

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