Entrevista a Kelly Rios

“Opticalia represents an opportunity for colleagues to join forces, share expertise and good practices”

Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico

What motivated you to become part of Opticalia?

What motivated us to become members of Opticalia was the need to keep innovating, to adapt as companies to the changes that have driven the market and to join forces as professionals to keep being relevant business models.

How has your business changed since becoming part of Opticalia?

Our organizational culture is more corporate, our processes are more efficient and our brand image is clearly much more constant and appealing.

What would you tell an optician who is thinking about becoming a member of Opticalia?

I would tell him that Opticalia represents a chance to join forces with colleagues, to share expertise and good business practices, and it entails access to an incredibly robust advertising strategy that encompasses the most important media, with a national scope and, thus, a greater opportunity for sales growth.

What advantages does Opticalia offer you?

The possibility of negotiating with suppliers and strategic partners at a corporate level and significant commercial benefits that we take advantage of as small business owners; the constant and meticulous care of the brand image, which ensures your company’s reputation and a positive perception with consumers; a robust merchandising and advertising strategy with a presence in all the most important communication channels; an opportunity for professional and personal development in the different training contents created and—most importantly—a support network of professional colleagues who all share objectives, challenges and achievements, which strengthens us as a group.

What do customers at your optical store highlight since you have been an Opticalia member?

They mainly highlight our attractive promotions, our high-quality brands and products with attractive and trendy designs.

What are the new customers like that come into your optical store?

I’ve had the opportunity to attract a segment of customers who are looking for fashion at affordable prices, with the guarantee and quality of always.

If you had to define Opticalia in three words, what would they be? Strategy, union, opportunity.

Hacer crecer tu negocio

We make your business grow

Our market expertise, international experience and renowned and valued image all ensure the success of your points of sale.

Renovar tu punto de venta

We help you improve your point of sale

Image at the point of sale is the experiential part of the optical business.

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