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“Opticalia puts the focus on stylish and trendy eyeglasses and that is an added value for our sales”


What motivated you to become part of Opticalia?

We had our own optical stores for over 10 years and we thought it was better to belong to an optical organization to be more modern in a sector that was not that interested in fashion. In other words, the sector was lagging behind trends and only paid attention to price. Opticalia seemed like a wise decision because, besides having TV commercials, it emphasized trendy eyeglasses, which is an added value for our sales. It also strengthens our negotiating power with most suppliers.

How has your business changed since becoming part of Opticalia?

Our customers associate us with a good group, a good name and, above all, providing them with the best solutions. And, of course, for Opticalia we are its customers, which is why they take great care of us, advise us and give us the tools to be top optical stores.

Have you noticed an uptake in business since you’ve been part of Opticalia?

Yes, yes, besides the training our staff receives, the fact of being on television and being a recognized brand with a great team of professionals behind us, bringing the world of fashion with its brands, all make customers more satisfied when making their purchases. The sale starts with an “I’m so delighted you came in!” and ends with the same sentence.

What would you tell an optician who is thinking about becoming a member of Opticalia?

Do it, because it’s a group that works.

What advantages does Opticalia offer you compared to other optical groups?

It respects the working method and know-how of each optical store and takes cares of you… like we do with our customers.

What are the new customers like that come into your optical store?

They are increasingly younger and we know how to give them excellent service at each of our stores and with Opticalia helping us with products, prices, campaigns…

they become loyal customers and that makes us happy to work.

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We make your business grow

Our market expertise, international experience and renowned and valued image all ensure the success of your points of sale.

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We help you improve your point of sale

Image at the point of sale is the experiential part of the optical business.

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